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Our Story



It took a few years, but the founders of Hammockable finally saw the light and became, well, much more Hammockable.


After spending their time working for companies that they had fallen out of love with, the Hammockable crew decided that it was time for us to play a more active role in truly living our lives instead of simply existing. Looking back, it now seems preposterous for us to not fully integrate our passions, creativity, and personalities with the work we do every day.

And thus, Hammockable™ was born.


Hammockable is a way of life, an attitude. To be Hammockable is to be good to those around you and to try to leave every person that you encounter better than you found them. Have a kind word for a stranger, pick up a piece of litter, smile as you approach someone on the street – make the world a better place. 

We’re passionate about people.  And we’re passionate about hammocks, too. If everyone would take just 10-15 minutes out of their day to swing in a hammock and reflect – the world would be a better place. 


We here at Hammockable set out to make the best possible hammocks and lifestyle products on the market. Our hammocks are always fairly priced, soft, comfortable and infinitely Hammockable.  


In addition to the sunglass business, our founder got into the event production business with his best friends in 2018 - playing a key role at High Road Productions as Chief Financial Officer and throwing June Jam in Flagstaff, Arizona.  There were plenty of hammocks for the attendees and our favorite artists and staff members got exclusive June Jam Hammockable custom-engraved sunglasses!  We're doing our best to live out our dreams and stay Hammockable.  We're hoping it catches on....


We don’t compromise on quality or customer service because we know that your time is valuable.  Give us a try and we promise to exceed your expectations. 

 And thank you for helping to make our lives more Hammockable – we promise to give you our best and all that we ask in return is that the time you spend in our hammocks or behind our shades is relaxing, fun, interesting, exciting, novel, weird, contemplative, amorous, funky or exactly however it is you want it to be.


Thank you for visiting us.  And by all means, GET HAMMOCKABLE.